The rifle was made by Ted Hatfield’s company which began making black powder rifles in the 1980s and manufactured the Squirrel Rifle until approximately 1996. The rifle has a beautifully crafted stock and still retains its rich metal finish. The rifle is mechanically sound and should prove a worthy addition to a black powder enthusiast’s arsenal.

The stock is one-piece smooth wood featuring two ferrules, a slot in the forend for the ramrod, a lock plate, straight wrist with brass finger grooves integral to the bottom tang, straight Monte Carlo style comb and brass semi-crescent buttplate. There are no chips or cracks. The LOP is 14” from the front trigger and 13” from the back trigger to the rear end of the buttplate. Overall, the stock is in Very Good condition.

Action Type: Flintlock Double-Set Trigger Muzzle-Loaded Rifle

Markings: The top of the barrel is marked “HATFIELD” and “36 CAL.”. The right side of the barrel is marked “FOR BLACK POWDER ONLY”. The lock plate is marked “HATFIELD / WARRANTED”.

Barrel Length: 39”, Octagonal

Sights/ Optics: The rear sight is a buckhorn style “U”-notch dovetailed to the rear end of the barrel. The front sight is a brass blade dovetailed to the muzzle end of the barrel.