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Dave’s Arms (and legs) LLC – FFL Gun Dealer

About Dave Thomas, Owner

Dave Thomas started his apprenticeship as a fitter and machinist in Zimbabwe when he was 16 yrs old. Over the years he has had a wide variety of careers.  At age 21, he was a workshop manager for an air tool company in South Africa which supplied air tools to the motor plants and gold mines. Dave used to repair a wide variety of air tools from self-feeding drilling machines to 10 ton air hoists and winches. He also trained people to repair and maintain the various air tools that the company sold.  The sales, customer service and machining/repair in his early career made becoming a gun dealer a perfect fit.

Since coming to America over 16 yrs ago, Dave has had a very successful business in the construction trades. He founded Dave’s Arms (and legs LLC) by investing in machine shop equipment, Federal Firearms License (FFL) and gunsmith training, and dealer insurance.  Dave is working on a Class 3 SOT license to enable him to sell suppressors and assist clients who need help obtaining a suppressor for their firearm in the State of Oregon and Nationwide. Dave’s Arms and Legs  provides mobile pick-up service for gun repairs and consignment sales in Southern Oregon including the Medford, Ashland, Oregon area and most of Jackson County – legally.  Once YOUR GUN is repaired or customized, it can either be mailed back to you or you can collect it at Dave’s Arms.  It’s in a quiet, country setting outside of Eagle Point, Oregon.  It’s also quite a scenic drive.

Dave’s Arms and Legs  aim is to not only repair your gun, but to return it to you in a better condition than what it was received in. We work evenings, Fridays, and flexible hours to help clients transfer firearms when the Oregon State Police background check processing office is open (log hours).

Dave’s Arms and legs  is KNOWN IN SOUTHERN OREGON for being accommodating.

Want to build an AR?

Dave can help you build your AR without the need for you to purchase your own tools. He has the tools and expertise to aid you in your AR build. Get to now your gun from the inside out with hands on training as you build your dream gun.

Dave Thomas: Southern Oregon Gun Dealer - Medford, Oregon Area
Medford, Oregon FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer)