Introduced in 1994, the Sigma series of polymer frame semi-automatic handguns were Smith & Wesson’s attempt at competing with the Glock 17. Comparable in weight and size to its competitor, the SW9F (F representing the Full sized model) has a black frame and a dark blued slide. The original Sigmas paved the way for a wide variety of incarnations, including their concealed carry variants (M series), the value models (V series), and the enhanced models (VE series). This firearm has a 17+1 capacity in 9mm Luger, a first generation 4.5” barrel, and the light weight of 26 ounces. Possessing a pre-set striker firing mechanism, short recoil action, and 3-dot sight system, their functionality very closely matched that of the Glock 17. Comes with 5 x 17 rd mags and pistol bag