This comes with 2 chokes and a 28″ barrel will make a great goose or turkey gun.

As the name suggests, the 887 Nitro Mag can chamber 3 ½″ magnum shells. In this way, it competes with the Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag, which is designed specifically for firing 3 ½″ magnum shells. The look of the 887 is also frequently compared to that of the Benelli Nova. The Remington 887’s brochure confirms this by comparing itself to the Mossberg 835 and the Benelli Nova.

The 887’s most striking feature is the ArmorLokt finish. The entire receiver and barrel of the 887 is coated with a glass-filled nylon material which protects the steel interior of the gun. In this way, the steel provides the strength for the gun while the polymer protects the inner workings from the elements, including inclement weather and resulting corrosion. Manufacturers have come up with several ways to help protect a gun’s metal surface, but overmolding the gun with a polymer is a unique concept.