Ruger P85 pistol NIB $350.oo obo

This is a new in the box pistol with all the original papers and extras. The P85 was originally developed as a replacement alternative for the U.S. Military’s 1984 joint small arms program, a venture to replace the aging M1911A1 to a higher-capacity, more reliable, NATO-compliant weapon. The P85 met all of the military’s requirements, including a 20,000-round life expectancy. Despite this, the P85 was not completed in time for the first two trials. It was, however, able to compete in the later XM10 trials in 1988, for which Ruger supplied 30 P85s to the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Despite performing well, the Beretta M9, which had succeeded at winning the previous two competitions, won once again and was awarded the contract. Nonetheless, the Ruger P85 did find success with some police departments and civilians, as its rugged design and military qualities did see it adopted by the San Diego Police Department  and the Wisconsin State Police. The P-85 was also adopted by the Turkish National Police.