This bayonet was use on the .303 cal. SMLE (short magazine 

Lee-Enfield) No.1 MkIII rifle.  Overall length is 555mm with a blade 

length of 433mm.  The muzzle ring diameter is 17mm.  

This bayonet was made by Wilkinson and is dated 7 ’17.  The bayonet’s 

handle has about 40-50% of its original blued finish with patina 

overall.  The wood grips look to be in very good condition with a few 

nicks and dings.  The fullered blade shows some wear and has about 

30-40% of its original bright finish and may also have some light 

sharpening.  The bayonet is missing its leather scabbard with metal 

fittings.  This bayonet looks to be in ‘average or good’ condition 

overall, with about 30-40% of its original blued finish with normal 

wear & tear rating about 5 out of 10.