Armi Jager AP74 M-16  22LR Clean $350.oo obo

Just when you thought you could never afford a M16 this little jem is a replica well made 22 lr plinker.

Armi Jager, otherwise known as Adler Jager, was a German-Italian firearms manufacturer located in the small town of Loanao, Italy.

The gun manufacturer was active since the early 1950s, manufacturing semi-automatic 22 rimfire sporting rifles and replica “Western” revolvers. Later it evolved to rimfire and small-caliber centerfire (32 acp) firearms patterned after the look of military rifles which at the time were difficult or illegal to own for civilians in Italy. Some of its best-known products were several .22 rimfire versions styled after the M16 rifle, known as the AP-74 and AP-74M; replicas of the Armalite AR 18 assault rifle, known as the AP-75.